Best Small Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "Classic Modern Kitchen"

Designer: Briana Langel and Marie Hofmeyer

Dealership: Holland House Interiors

The rest of the story ...

This homeowner dreamed of a bright, clean, and classic kitchen, wanting to maximize storage space, yet keep the design simplistic and clean.

The team designed a floor-to-ceiling pantry-like cabinet with 6.5"-deep cabinets on the ends for spices, oils, etc., and the other end was designed to house brooms, mops, cleaners, etc. In between the two shallow-depth cabinets are two 27"-wide utility base cabinets, one with roll-out trays and one with adjustable shelving to accommodate, yet hide the microwave.

Briana, Marie, and team enjoyed working with this homeowner. She knew exactly what she wanted and loves the bright, clean, open feel of her new space! Briana and Marie had a great experience working alongside the homeowner to bring her vision and dreams to life.

Comments from our judges ...

I like the use of the three finishes to keep the space interesting and warm.

Great job of working with the space. It is not a large kitchen, but there is plenty of working space in the kitchen and the center sink provides some feng shui.

I think the details and layout work well in the home and with the space.

I think this would be a very easy kitchen to work in.

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