Contemporary Bath | First Place

Entry: "Lynnbrier Residence"

Designer: Leslie Shankman-Cohn

Dealership: Eclectic Interiors

The rest of the story ...

The homeowner's existing bedroom and master bath would no longer meet her needs. After much research and discussion, the decision was made to build a new master suite addition. She is only 4’6” tall, and therefore needed custom cabinets and other amenities to accommodate her shorter stature. Additionally, her uncle, who is 98 years old, was going to move in with her for the remainder of his life. She was going to let him have this area, so the final design had to accommodate two totally different sets of needs.

An extension was built off the side of this Mid-Century Modern home which created a private atrium-like area. The master bedroom is large enough to accommodate the primary occupant and a caretaker, if necessary. There is a breakfast bar at the entry to the suite, a large walk-in closet with pull-down rods, and a bathroom with accessible features. There are no flooring height transitions and all floors are either wood or tile. The bathroom cabinetry is at a slightly lower height than normal and the expansive tub deck offers plenty of room for transferring into the tub. Additionally, the deck visually extends into the shower area creating a bench seat in the curbless shower. The vanity has a lowered open area for future wheelchair accessibility.

The homeowner and designer chose Showplace for the option to customize certain aspects of the design, as well as for the clean, contemporary lines of the doors. Under the statue area and just beyond the skirt of the tub are hidden custom drawers for storage. The front of the apron is clean and contemporary, just as the homeowner wanted.

The homeowner loves the openness and light with plenty of windows!

Comments from our judges ...

Nice, clean, and unobstructed for the special needs of the client.

Love the continuity of the tub with the shower. The mitered edge of the tub deck looks to be in perfect proportion to the size. Lighting is very nice also.

All of the accessible features that had to be included are nicely "hidden" in the overall design.

I like the extended tub deck that functions in so many ways. I also like the tile accent strips that are repeated in the nook.

I think this is a great example of simple and thoughtful design. All the details are beautiful on their own, and together. I think the designer exceeded her clients' expectations.

It's a really beautiful, modern, and stylish bath. While the finishes are neutral and similar, it is a very soothing and spa-like space. Great use of some asymmetry with the windows and the tile.

Since is was a new construction/addition, there were obviously no real limitations on the space. I think that the spirit of the project was to give a lasting and valuable addition to the home for multi-generations of homeowners. I don't see anyone ever tiring of this space.

Without really seeing much of the rest of the space, but knowing that the original home is a mid-century modern style, I think the updated "modernism" designed here is very in keeping with the home. The window design is especially appropriate.

I think anyone would be thrilled to have this bath!

Liked the use of finishes and back lit mirror. Clean and sophisticated look.

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