Contemporary Bath | Second Place

Entry: "Semiahmoo Master Bathroom Spa"

Designer: Veronica Major

Dealership: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen - Bellingham, WA


The homeowners came to DreamMaker desiring a space which would emulate an upscale Northwest Spa. There were certain existing elements that the homeowners wanted to keep and incorporate into the new design: An existing fireplace, the placement of a large tub, and the full wall of windows which also extended into the skylights above the tub area. These items, when revitalized and incorporated into the new design, became strong focal points that mirror the rich features typically found in an upscale spa setting. When pairing them with a neutral color palate, organic-oriented textiles, elegant lighting, and contemporary fixtures, the team was able to provide an understated simplicity that also echoed a calming "Zen" aesthetic true to a luxurious day spa. To properly address the lacking functionality, the homeowners' shower was relocated and built-out much larger than the original, with large field tiles and a glass surround to aid in the open-feel that was requested. Moving the shower also provided space for a water closet and a large walk-in closet, adjacent, balancing the bathroom and rounding out the overall design in a way that was smart and aesthetically impacting.

The original shower was small, dark, and shared an enclosed room with the toilet. This pairing was not cohesive or inviting. The shower was therefore relocated and built out much larger, in an independent, open space near the skylights. It was then surrounded in glass panels on two sides to allow natural light to filter into the space. The toilet was then properly situated in the adjusted water closet to allow for optimal function and privacy. An interior window was constructed in the water closet by utilizing an opaque, organic-patterned Lumicor piece. This opaque material rightfully preserved privacy while allowing for muted, filtered light which kept the space from feeling so confined. 

The tub deck was constructed with an outer-edge angle, the larger side running parallel to meet the fireplace and the shorter side running parallel to meet the new shower build-out. Adding some unexpected flare and purposefully directing the flow of the room, the angled tub deck detracted the least amount of space and ensured that this element was preserved and utilized the way the homeowner wanted.

A mirrored pocket door was used for the closet door which allows the homeowner to see themselves in the full length mirror, but also adds interest to the bathroom with its reflection.

The homeowners are beyond thrilled to call this Northwest Spa bathroom theirs! They were amazed that even though the team went with high gloss cabinets, the space doesn't feel too contemporary, but more calming.

Veronica had only one design meeting with the homeowners to convey the overall look and feel that she was striving for with their master bathroom. She challenged her clients by presenting them with materials that they had never thought of using like the high gloss cabinets and the decorative three-dimensional tile. The homeowners and team finalized the layout and material selection all through email. At least once a week, Veronica would formulate a lengthy email with different options to select from and explain why she thought one product may be more suitable for the space than another. The homeowners were very hands on with the selection process even though they were over 6,000 miles away during the project. Veronica stated, "It was an absolute joy working with the homeowners!"

Comments from our judges ...

Very creative use of different surfaces together with the rough stone, high gloss cabinets, etc.

Very functional layout especially with the skylights and fireplace.

All of the different materials used: rough, smooth, gloss, and diffuse panels make for a very appealing look.

The existing features are the most stunning parts of this bathroom; you incorporated them very well, but they make it a stunning bathroom on their own.

Good use of space and connection to spaces.

Liked the use of the high gloss bronze doors and also the use of open cabinets to create a unique vanity configuration.

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