Contemporary Kitchen | First Place

Entry: "ONE eleven ltd."

Designer: Julie Leverett

Dealership: ONE eleven

The rest of the story ...

The homeowners' goal was to add ascetically pleasing functionality to this kitchen for those with limited mobility and beyond. Julie and team reconfigured and updated the floor plan within the footprint of the existing kitchen / living space. Reason being - one of the homeowners is actively wheelchair bound, while the other has challenges reaching overhead. They were living in an older, outdated home that conflicted with their physical abilities.

The couple wanted a kitchen that would add expansive quality of life, and direct the focus away from their physical limitations, allowing them to concentrate on living full lives. They wanted an open concept, providing a light, airy, spacious feel and allowing freedom of movement with full accessibility.

Julie and team replaced the secondary sink with an accessible sink / food prep station. The cabinetry was designed with all lower drawer boxes and a
full-height roll-out pantry for easy-reach access and to keep items organized. The microwave is strategically located at counter level and the 42" clearances around the center island make 360-degree maneuvering a breeze on the large format ceramic tile floor.

Relocating the sink and appliances to the opposite side of the room, which lacked plumbing, gas, and proper electrical requirements to accommodate the new design layout, proved to be challenging. The solution was to cut and remove the concrete, eliminating the existing downdraft cooktop vent and relocating the underground plumbing and gas. The team added sufficient electrical, including USB port outlets for convenience, to accommodate the new kitchen layout.

Because accessibility was an inherent part of the design, rather than an afterthought, the Universal Design features of this space blend seamlessly, adding to the beauty of the kitchen, rather than detracting from it.

The end result was a design that fully met the homeowners' desires for a spacious, light-filled kitchen that provides enjoyment to all who are welcomed in.

The homeowner shared with Julie, "We are beyond delighted with the results of the project, ONE eleven created the perfect home for us. My husband’s recent disability has turned our lives upside down and created challenges we never expected to have to deal with. Fast forward to now ... All gratitude to ONE eleven, we have a home that is not only accessible and functional, but also beautiful. The restoration of balance has added richness back into our lives. We have a home that is better than what we dreamed of in every way. We can be proud of our home and make our limitations secondary thoughts amidst the walls."

Comments from our judges ...

Not only is this beautiful, but it is purposeful and creates a space that a wheelchair-bound homeowner can confidently be independent! That is such a wonderful gift to give this whole family.

Unexpected cabinet color that you don't always see. Love it! Love shelf in the corner.

Great minimalist design without compromising access. No upper cabinetry of course makes sense when dealing with clients who can't reach it and the placement of the windows still keeps that wall interesting, along with the floating shelf. The base cabinets are wonderful in accessibility.

Gorgeous! So light and airy and minimalistic without being cold. Outstanding job of staging!

Great, accessible work flow without making it look like an "adapted" kitchen.

Just as functional as it is stunning. A beautiful job!!! Well done!

Beautiful kitchen.

Elegant use of materials.

The materials are a perfect blend of warm, sleek, and natural. I really like the natural cabinets, the extensive use of the Carrara marble, the blend of seating, open shelving, and the lighter wood-look flooring.

Very convenient kitchen for work flow. The layout allows for nice prep areas without feeling crowded at all.

I like everything about this space!

Very nice kitchen and photos.

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