Contemporary Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "Downsize and simplify"

Designer: Keith Gegg

Dealership: Gegg Design & Cabinetry

The rest of the story ...

The homeowners plan to retire in this new home, thus they wanted to simplify their lifestyle and create a home that was functional and open, with a modern feel. The home was designed by the owner architect; so, the team worked closely with the couple to make sure this kitchen covered all of their needs.

Creating the modern look that the homeowners wanted called for a balance between design and the materials specified. The goal was to take a cost effective cabinet and give it the look of something a client would expect at a higher price point. Making the appliances flush with the cabinet fronts was also a must for Keith. The team worked closely with the homeowners specifying appliances that met their cooking needs, but that could also be installed flush with surrounding cabinets. Some creative solutions were used; doubling up drawer fronts and offsetting base cabinets. At the end of the day, everything lined up without question!

Keith and team were able to create a clean, modern look that worked with the homeowners' color palette. The layout and simplicity of the design really worked well for the home. Everything was positioned for good flow - easy interaction with those seated at the island and across the room. The final design resulted in a good, inviting atmosphere.

Keith especially liked the cabinet that created a portion of the stair rail. That piece provided some needed storage just beyond the kitchen island. It also interrupted the stair railing, providing some visual relief from the stainless steel cable railing. This piece has a waterfall quartz top and the team designed a 3/4" reveal around the doors really making this feature feel like a furniture piece.

The homeowners both wanted a mid-century modern feel, but not in a purist form. They have a great sense of style and color and did lots of research, saving images of kitchens that appealed. Through numerous meetings and design interactions, the team finally arrived at a design that satisfied all goals and worked within the homeowners' budget.

Comments from our judges ...

Most creative entry I have seen so far. Love the mix of colors of the two wall cabinets flanking the hood and how it was achieved. This was carried over in several areas with the island and stairwell wall with the waterfall countertops. Love the cabinets integrated with the stair rail. Very out of the box!

Definitely designed to go with the home. Fits the space well. Very functional still with all the design elements going on.

Great visual appeal with the rest of the house.

Great workflow!

Great balance of finishes, materials, neutral/color. I like the hint toward mid century without it being kitchy.

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