Traditional Bath | Honorable Mention

Entry: "Grove Park Residence"

Designer: Jill Hertz

Dealership: Eclectic Interiors

The rest of the story ...

The homeowners were interested in expanding the master suite in their forever home, originally the homeowner's mother’s home, to gain more storage capacity and to offer a larger dressing area. They also expressed to Jill an interest in having their own individual spaces within the master suite.

Jill and team worked to design a master suite that seamlessly encompassed all of the elements that the homeowners needed and wanted in the space. First, they designed custom cabinetry. They also added decorative, under-cabinet task lighting. The goal was to provide as much storage with as much light as possible, specifically for shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

The final product provided his and hers vanity and closet spaces, as well as a spacious shower and private water closet. The team chose a monochromatic palette and layered in different elements and materials to give the design a sophisticated, clean feel.

Jill's clients were impressed, given the amount of space that they gained both individually and overall.

Comments from our judges ...

It is beautiful.

Love the placement of the mirrors, and creative way to hang a vanity light.

Very balanced and a lot of little details that work well together. The closet is a jewel!

Great monochromatic design with just enough other color mixed in to not blend all together. Very opulent.

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