Traditional Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "Kristy Rodríguez"

Designer: Kristy Rodriguez

Dealership: KR Interiors

The rest of the story ...

The homeowner found a beautiful, old, neglected home in a wonderful neighborhood and decided to renovate. She wanted her kitchen to be the central gathering place for all who visited. It was important for the space to be aesthetically beautiful, yet functional, inviting, and family friendly.

The homeowner was so pleased with her new kitchen, that she took the time to write a beautiful letter. The letter stated that they absolutely love their kitchen and the transformation, but their favorite part of the process was working together with Kristy. Kristy still has the letter on her desk as a constant reminder that no challenge is too big or too difficult. In the end, it will be more than rewarding, as designers create spaces for memories to be made and for life to happen. These important moments will last a lifetime!

For Kristy, the 12-foot island with custom color and glaze was definitely a favorite; although she fell in love with the entire kitchen, from the custom coffee bar, the paneled fridge and freezer doors, the bookshelf and beautiful island legs, and the overall show-stopping kitchen!

Kristy shared that the homeowner got a beautiful custom look for an amazing price and the homeowners shared that everyone who visits falls in love with the kitchen and asks where it's from.

Comments from our judges ...

Overall very beautiful! Love the colors.

From the contestant's description, sounds like she met and exceeded the homeowners expectations and desires.

The detail of the back panels on the island (and column and posts) is beautiful.

Looks like the style fits the home perfectly, especially when reading the description the contestant listed.

Nice spacing of the appliances and work stations.

Beautifully done!

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