Transitional Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "Arcadia Place"

Designer: Jenelle Hicks

Dealership: Maile Build, Remodel, & Design

The rest of the story ...

The objective was to update the kitchen in this 100-year-old home while keeping it cohesive with the adjacent rooms. Storage was an issue so the team needed to maximize every inch available.

The team worked around multiple entrances and an old laundry chute that was occupying space in the original pantry. Jenelle also opted to keep the crown molding off of the ceiling, creating a subtle shadow line, to hide that the floor was not perfectly level, as is common in remodel projects.

The homeowners loved the amount of storage space that they gained without altering the overall footprint. Jenelle loved the look of the decorative metal rods across the front of each floating shelf. This accent matched the finish of the island, cabinet hardware, and decorative vent in the range hood.

Comments from our judges ...

Super hard to design in a very old kitchen with 100 doorways! This space looks so cute and cozy.

Love the "hutch" area with the plates displayed. Great colors and design. Also love the microwave area. So cute.

Colors are gorgeous together and looks very comfy and cozy.

Good for a tight old style kitchen.

Love the island and carrying through the metal with the bars on the front of the shelves.

Great use of a unique layout in an old home.

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