Contemporary Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "Empty Nesters Modernize for Entertaining"

Designer: Angelia Joy

Dealership: The Washington Kitchen Gallery

Door Style: ShowplaceEVO Milan

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Pure White

Sheen: Matte

Before ...


The homeowners are well-traveled and have raised their kids in this home. They felt that they needed to update and modernize. They wanted to open the kitchen to the family room and make everything look contemporary to better match their style.

The homeowners knew they wanted contemporary, but also wanted to make sure that the space didn't feel too cold and unwelcoming.

The design team had many, many meetings with the homeowners. They were a lovely couple to work with! It was very important that they both like the design and the colors. The wife really wanted a clean, white kitchen and the husband wanted some warmth. The design team was able to settle on a painted white kitchen that was not too white, and the team warmed it up with an earth tone island. Showplace offered the flexibility to make all of the cabinets very flush with appliances, for a nice, clean look.

The biggest thing for the homeowners was to have something that they would both feel comfortable in. Neither one of them wanted what they wanted without thinking of what the other wanted. They were in this together. They really liked the combination of colors, the clean, white cabinets mixed with a warmer island, countertop, and wood floors helped them to feel that the kitchen was a comfortable place to be while still looking contemporary.

The design team loves to be included in the life changes that people go through. It is such a fun and exciting time to work through the projects. Even deciding on hardware location was fun, to keep everything looking different and contemporary! The team loves doing contemporary design and it was so nice that the homeowners came to trust their opinion and input.

The homeowners worked with a design build company that the team often works with. Showplace was a natural fit as they offer the EVO line and that we can make everything fit so perfectly.

The design team loves to be with people who love to be with each other. The homeowners were so kind and respectful to one another. They each wanted to protect what they wanted without taking away from the other. They were very kind people and the team enjoyed meeting with them and helping them in every way! They were forward thinking and have a very close knit family!


All of the details flow well, and you gave them everything they wanted.

You did a nice job keeping this contemporary kitchen feeling warm for your clients!

Great flow and function in this kitchen!

What a transformation. Simply sleek!

This is a dramatic transformation. Nice details and finishes.

Very fresh looking.

Clean, white kitchen with some warmth. I think you got this!

Love the colors and textures, the different thickness of counter tops as well.

Good use of space and mix of materials.

Beautiful finishes!

A great transformation!

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