Other Rooms | Honorable Mention

Entry: "Contemporary Office"

Designer: Christine Spillar

Dealership: Conifer Kitchen Design

Door Style: ShowplaceEVO and International+ Pendleton

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Graphite

Sheen: Matte


The homeowners were wanting an office where two people could work during the day and kids could do homework in the evenings. They wanted a lot of storage so that they could stay organized. This project was planned pre-COVID and became even more important to the family as everyone starting to work and attend school from home.

The homeowners wanted a lot of storage for the whole family and they wanted to hide a large printer.

By borrowing space from an adjacent powder room closet (that was once a shower), the design team was able to remove the existing closet and use the powder room closet for the office closet. With the closet moved in the office, the team was able to use Showplace Cabinetry to create file storage and both open and closed upper storage. The team also incorporated power strips with USB ports for computers, phones, and other devices.

The homeowners cannot believe how much storage and function is now in the office. They love the combination of open and closed storage on the wall that once was a closet. The team even added a built-in bulletin board using filler pieces from Showplace so it looks streamlined. The metal doors on the upper cabinets give the room a contemporary feel. The homeowners love the angled power strips for their phones and other devices that were built in with cabinetry pieces.

The design team loves that the homeowners are happy! Everything in the room has a place and a function.

The homeowners chose Showplace Cabinetry because of the team's recommendation and because they really liked the metal door option.

Now that everyone is working and attending school from home, this space has really helped the family stay organized.


You were able to accommodate a lot into this room, and you did it well! The space has all of the storage and function they need, yet seems to feel like it still has all sorts of space to work in. The offset metal doors with open spaces is a very creative and fun way to use the space!

By giving part of the powder bath to this space you put space where it was needed most.

I love the combination of colors in this work space.

I love how you put the two stand-up desks next to each other with daylight! The small counter under the window was a great way to push the desks into the room to leave more space for storage. Great design. This space is clearly for adults and children, you did a great job accommodating the entire family.

A designer's dream for an office!

Good example of turning a small space into a functional space for two people.

Small space, but needed to fit two people comfortably. The designer did a nice job incorporating the desks and storage.

The overall space is nice and feels modern.

Storage for extra papers, hidden storage behind cabinet doors, and countertop space next to the desks. All seems to add lots of storage to this office for two.

Nice overall design for the office that seems to get a lot of use from the family. I like the overhead cabinets with storage behind the frosted lift-up doors and the countertop space next to the desks.

Nice, clean, and elegant with some nice flair.

Great work space, good storage, and organized!

I really like the staggered wall cabinets with opposing open cabinet space. The use of counters left and right of the desks aids in additional work space if needed.

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