How is Refacing done?

Renew Refacing Step by Step:

Step 1: 

Your old cabinet doors and drawer headers are removed. If things like a range hood, island or new cabinets are part of the project, these are installed at the start.

Step 2: 

Face frames and other surfaces (exposed end panels, for instance) that will be veneered are thoroughly sanded and cleaned to assure proper veneer adhesion.

Step 3: 

The prefinished veneer sheet stock is trimmed to precise width. Your Refacing & More installer has the tools and training to do this critical job right.

Step 4:

The new veneer is carefully aligned, applied, then smoothed for lasting adhesion. The end result is the look of entirely new cabinet frames and end panels.

Step 5:

Veneered edges are trimmed flush with the cabinet components, and sanded as needed. Often these edges are covered with special Refacing & More moldings.

Step 6: 

New Showplace lifetime-warranty doors and hinges are installed. At this stage, you won't believe how good your new kitchen looks!

Step 7:

New Showplace lifetime-warranty hardwood drawer headers are installed, and drawer boxes are replaced as needed. Special interior accessories, like roll trays, can also be installed at this point.

Step 8:

Finally, moldings and trim are installed and the refacing job is complete.

Renew Refacing Process in Action:

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