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This new home was designed by the owner, a commercial architect by trade, to be the home they would eventually retire in. They had previously worked with Showplace dealer Gegg Design and Cabinetry in 2002, when they added a new kitchen and living space to a very traditional home; this project would prove to be quite different.

They wanted to simplify their lifestyle and create a home that was functional, open, with a modern feel. They also had a goal of using a cost effective cabinet while giving it a look of something you'd expect from a higher price point.

There was some original concern that it wouldn't be possible to create a loosely defined "mid-century modern feel" within their budget. Those budget concerns were easily set aside when they discovered the breadth of offering available with ShowplaceEVO cabinets.

Having a great sense of style and color, the owners did a lot of research, saving images of kitchens that appealed them and bringing thoughtful ideas to the project. Through a series of planning meetings and design interactions, they were able to arrive at a design that satisfied their goals and worked within their budget.

Completed by Gegg Design and Cabinetry in the St. Louis, MO area, this beautiful project was a 2019 Showplace Cabinetry National Award Winner – 2nd Place Contemporary Kitchen Design.


  • Door Style: Horizon
  • Construction: EVO Full-Access/Frameless
  • Surface Type: Bamboo
    • Finish: Rockport
View door style

Kitchen Accent

  • Door Style: Duet | EVO
  • Construction: EVO Full-Access/Frameless
  • Surface Type: High Gloss Acrylic Solids
    • Color: White
View door style

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