Choosing Your Stain

Let the natural beauty of your cabinets shine through with one of our many stains, custom-formulated for Showplace Cabinetry. Available at no extra charge, standard and character Showplace stains highlight the unique charm of each wood species and keep your cabinetry looking new for years to come.

What is a stain?

Wood stains fill-in the pores and grooves in wood to enhance its grain patterns. Showplace also protects the beauty of your cabinets with an oven-baked topcoat of catalyzed varnish for lasting durability. See the difference it can make using the woods and stains listed below.

What makes Showplace stains different?

You’ll be choosing from the best stain options available, ranging in variations of color from tones similar to the wood’s natural appearance to a wide variety of specially formulated colors . And since exceptional stained finishes start with how the wood is prepared to receive stain, our sanding processes blend precise state-of-the-art sanding equipment with the personal attention of hand-sanding for a quality finish you can rely on.

Stain Options


Cherry tends toward elegant warm tones, and also darkens considerably as it ages. Cherry has a fine grain that often exhibits swirls and a flowing, random pattern. Cherry’s color varies from nearly white to dark reddish brown.

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Maple has a fine, uniform grain pattern, and tends toward lighter colorations. Like all woods, maple will darken with age, but to a lesser degree than cherry. Maple takes on a subtle mottled appearance when finished in the darker stains.

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A heavy, dense wood, hickory displays vibrant grain patterns and wide color variation. Lighter stains make this natural variation the most evident, while darker stains tend to mute it. Also available in rustic hickory.

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Red Oak

This time-honored favorite features warm tones and has a prominent, distinctive grain character that shows tiny rays and flowing patterns. Red oak is very hard, giving it a high shock resistance.

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Rustic Alder

Create environments of authentic warmth with the natural charm of Rustic Alder. Its cherry-like grain displays visible knots, mineral, and color variation in the door frame and solid center panel. Available as one of our specialty woods.

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Quartersawn White Oak

Crafted with the unique quartersawing method, this specialty wood has a distinctive grain pattern and superior stability. It is very receptive to glazing, which highlights its unique grain.

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Walnut will demonstrate some color variability between heartwood and sapwood and its grain can vary from straight to highly configured. Although walnut is steamed to help blend the heartwood/sapwood transition, a darker stain is recommended when less color variation is desired.

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Design your door

Choose from our wide variety of cabinet door styles, then pick your favorite stain to go with it.

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Stain Variations Disclaimer

Bear in mind that variability is one of wood's finest natural qualities, and actual stains will differ. Computer displays also add their own interpretation to colors. Please make your stain selection based on actual stained samples at your Showplace dealer.

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