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Founding Showplace Team
The Showplace founding team in 1999

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Since early 2000, Showplace has grown from a standing start into a major national brand. Thanks to customers who like our mix of quality, flexibility, and price, Showplace production has grown from 50 cabinets per day to having become one of the most widely chosen national brands today. 

It all began with an idea: Create a cabinetry brand that makes sense. A small group of experienced cabinetry professionals gathered in 1999. This group shared a vision for a brand that offered the most-wanted features to the most people. 

But this vision also included some important differences from other brands, like modifications that were comprehensive and affordable, often without charge. Like specialty style and finish options that were also affordably priced. Like a product offering that was complete, without being overly complex or weighed down with too many restrictions and limitations. 

Shortly after meeting, their vision became reality in a brand-new production facility in southeastern South Dakota. Since then the Showplace facility has grown into three production plants, having expanded five times and nearly quadrupling its initial square footage. 

Along the way, Showplace transitioned to being 100% employee-owned, and every Showplace cabinet is proudly American made. 

The founding team's original vision laid the path, but it's the people of Showplace who walk the walk. You'll find typical South Dakotans here: People who work hard and care about what they do. People who are naturally friendly and helpful because, well, that's just the way we are. 

From top management to customer service to the workers on the line, we're all proud of the brand we've created—the brand we all own—and we're personally invested in the products we send out the door. 

But nobody at Showplace is resting on success. Our brand and its offerings have grown so much in just a few years that the label "semi-custom" hardly fits anymore. Features like custom paint color matching, sizing to the sixteenth inch, finish sheen choices, and free glazing have moved the brand much closer to true custom cabinetry, but still at a mid-market price point. 

Today, we have more than 900 dealers across all 50 states. And you can expect Showplace to keep growing into the future.

The original 1999 Showplace Cabinetry plant built in Harrisburg, SD.
The first expansion increases Harrisburg manufacturing and office space in 2002.
A second Harrisburg expansion adds manufacturing capacity in 2005.
A 2007 expansion in Harrisburg adds warehouse space, along with a full-cafeteria and wellness facility for the company's new employee-owners.
The Beresford, SD Showplace door manufacturing facility was first acquired in 2001 and doubled in size in 2005.
A new Harrisburg, SD manufacturing facility is built in 2015 to allow the introduction of ShowplaceEVO.

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