Convenience Accessories

Engineered for Efficiency

You don't just want a space that looks good. You want a space that works. With convenience accessories from Showplace, you can make the most of any room. Learn more about the options and talk to your Showplace dealer to see what we can do for your project. 

Two-levels of storage for utensils make this a great kitchen organization idea from Showplace.
This cutlery drawer features a sliding upper tray for maximum storage utilization and ease of access.
Roll-out trays are offered in many sizes of base cabinets, tall cabinets and pantries. Once you've lived with these, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.
Glide-out waste baskets are offered in several sizes and variations. Many provide convenient separation for recycling.
Lazy susan corner cabinets are offered in many styles, sizes and configurations. They make good use of space that might otherwise go to waste.
Base cabinet organizers bring order and ease to everything from table linens to dishes.
A square corner base has three spacious drawers and is an impressive piece of engineering.
Pull-out racks are available for base and wall cabinets.
Tall pantry pull-outs are great examples of efficient space utilization.
A mixer lift in a base cabinet does the heavy lifting for you. Note the lower roll-out tray for mixer accessories.

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