Expressive Choices

Ready to immerse yourself in the really fun stuff? Then this video is for you. As you'll see, with Showplace, your expressive options are almost unlimited, freeing your creativity, and helping to bring your unique vision to life.

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Your new cabinetry creation should be an expressive reflection of you — your tastes, your values, your personal style. To do this, you need a cabinetry brand that offers the wide range of creative options to make such personal expression not only possible, but easy. Showplace does.

The finish is one of the building blocks of your creation, and the Showplace Vintage finishes are notably expressive. Offered on several woods, in paints or stains, Vintage finishes allow you to customize the degree of aged character your creation conveys. With or without hand distressing, a Vintage finish makes a strong statement in any setting. The distinctive Showplace gray-wash and character stains are another creative option, and are offered at no additional charge.

Another building block is your choice of wood species. The expressive Showplace rustic woods create environments with authentic warmth and natural homey charm. Rustics display visible knots and natural variations. This earthy character can be enhanced with optional glazing, distressing, or Vintage finish treatments. If a Mission theme is your goal, Showplace quartersawn white oak is the smart choice. It uses the more difficult and costly quartersawing method to yield material with a distinctive grain pattern and superior stability. When finished in a warm, midtoned stain, quartersawn white oak brings classic Mission and Shaker furniture to mind.

Moving beyond the building blocks of wood and finish, Showplace offers a range of expressive accents that can really set your creativity free. Moldings will add the crowning touch to your cabinetry creation. The Showplace molding offering is extensive, ranging from subtle and understated, to elegant and ornate. Finish moldings to match, or to contrast. Moldings can be stacked and combined. There are even Showplace base moldings for a furniture-like floor transition, as well as special under-cabinet moldings to finish off wall cabinets.

Showplace gives you the freedom to create something uniquely your own with our wide selection of decorative elements. From sleek to ornate, you'll find that just-right expression of your personal style. Add sparkle and character to your design with glass doors. Showplace offers a wide range of mullion styles, glass styles, and interior options. Place turned legs or posts on an island end, or use them to frame a sink base or range base. Add integrated end panels, and decorative appliance face panels. Incorporate valances into your design, or add a stemware rack. Many of our decorative elements have a practical side, too, like our wine racks, horizontal walls, and apothecary drawers. There are so many Showplace options, your creative horizons are wide open.

Showplace wood range hoods are built to order to precisely fit your space. Offered in a versatile array of styles, in all woods and finishes, these works of art can really set your kitchen creation apart. Each one is hand crafted and can be finished to match or contrast.

If your vision embraces the tastefully ornate, Showplace has ways to take your creation far above the ordinary with dramatic carved elements. Offered in your choice of wood species and finish, these works of art are produced by Art For Everyday, a highly respected brand. As you can see, with Showplace, your expressive options are almost unlimited, freeing your creativity, and helping to bring your unique vision to life.

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