The Building Blocks

Is this whole cabinetry thing seeming a little complex and baffling? Take a breath. Clarification starts here. This short video will give you a grounding in the basics: What you need to know about the fundamental building blocks of any cabinetry project.

If after watching the video you want to dig deeper into a topic, check out the linked transcript below. This video is part of our Showplace Academy series, the quick way to get up to speed on the basics and esoterica of cabinetry for the home.

When you set out to create the new kitchen or bath you've been envisioning, you'll start with the basics: A door style, a wood species, and a finish. To bring your vision to reality, you'll need a cabinetry brand that offers a wide range of these basic building blocks, to create exactly what you want. Showplace does. Let's start with the door style. Showplace offers more than 40 unique door styles. Factor in the variables within these styles, such as frame widths and center-panel options, and the total exceeds 100 door style possibilities. The Showplace wood choices include cherry, maple, hickory, red oak, rustic alder, rustic hickory, paint-grade, HDM, and quartersawn white oak. Each of these is offered in a range of standard stains or paints tailored to the unique character of the species, in your choice of sheen. Most of these standard finishes can be accented and enhanced with hand-applied glazes, with handcrafted distressing, or with the distinctive Vintage finish option packages. And many of these great Showplace finish features come at no extra charge.

If you want the clean appeal of a painted finish, Showplace gives you a palette of standard paint colors that range from pure white to rich tones and grays. If your tastes go beyond this standard range, our ColorSelect program means your paint color choices are virtually unlimited. You can also combine stains and paints in your creation, for instance pairing a stained island with a painted kitchen.

If you prefer the sleek, modern persona of a slab door, Showplace offers slab styles in both hardwood veneers and laminates.

When you do the math, the possible combinations of these fundamental choices become almost too many to count. What this means to you is that, with Showplace, your basic building-block options are almost unlimited, freeing your creativity, and helping to bring your unique vision to life.

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