What You Can Expect

The Remodeling Process

Make a plan, rip old stuff out, and put new stuff in. Easy, right? With the right help on your side, it can be.

We've covered that vital first step: making a plan. We've looked at setting your sights and choosing a brand. Once you've made it that far, the really fun part begins. This is where the creative exploration happens, where you have all the Showplace choices before you, and the possibilities are endless. This is where you need a skilled and experienced cabinetry designer on your side to help you narrow and focus all those choices. Your Showplace dealer is just the right person to help your vision to become reality.

Cabinetry options are only the beginning

You'll also make decisions about appliances, flooring, sinks and fixtures, lighting, counter tops, wall treatments, and more. Your Showplace dealer can help you make good choices with all this, too.

Eventually, you'll have the major decisions made, a plan in hand, and you're ready for the next step: ripping stuff out. Most people leave this to the pros, and that's almost always the best route. If your remodel is modest, the cabinet installation contractor can do the tear-out. If your remodel involves bigger tasks like moving walls and windows, a general contractor will be involved. Either way, your Showplace dealer will help you make the connections, coordinate a schedule, and move the process along.

The final step

Your last step will be to put all the new stuff in—but we're still here for you. This can be a real orchestration, since many types of specialized subcontractors may be involved. Your job will almost certainly require a plumber, electrician, and countertop supplier, along with the cabinetry installer. You may also need someone to do the floors and tile. You may need drywallers and painters. And all these people have to do their thing in the right order, at the right time.

Your Showplace dealer to the rescue

All this complicated organizing and implementation is all in a day's work for a Showplace professional. This is what we're here to do, so just relax and let us take the headaches and worry out of the process. Unlike a home center that sells everything from grass seed to shingles, your Showplace dealer is a true specialist who really cares about the success of your remodel.

Need inspiration?

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