Investing in people makes a company stronger

From Bill’s Desk

By Bill Allen, CEO of Showplace Cabinetry

Over the past two decades, as Showplace Cabinetry has grown, we have made significant investments to facilitate that growth. Our company has consistently expanded our physical plant, adding thousands of square feet of manufacturing space. We’ve invested in new—and increasingly innovative and efficient—equipment to keep up with an ever-expanding number of orders. Our technology investment has touched every department of Showplace, from training to transport and from material handing to the manufacturing floor. The most important investment our company has made in the past 20 years, however, has been our investment in people.

Nothing we do says more about our commitment to quality, service and a stronger company than our determination to find, train and reward the very best people for every role at Showplace. As an employee-owned enterprise, Showplace Cabinetry builds the future for our families as we build quality cabinetry for North American homes. And in turn, our company’s future is shaped every day by the professionalism of our people.

While every job at Showplace is important and every individual contributes every day, I’d like to spotlight two of our employee-owners who have recently taken on new responsibilities at our company. Jeremy Seykora is our new director of manufacturing and Melchor Rodriguez is the new manager of the ShowplaceEVO plant. Both began in entry-level jobs as teens at Showplace. Jeremy and Melchor showed their abilities early, rising through quality control and group leadership posts to assume larger roles in keeping Showplace—and especially ShowplaceEVO—in the forefront of the U.S. cabinet industry.

We’re proud of Jeremy and Melchor—and even prouder that they exemplify the dedication of hundreds of other Showplace employee-owners. Our people come to Showplace, find a new work family and spend each day making their company stronger and even more efficient. Showplace employee-owners often tell family and friends that they enjoy coming to work in the morning—and they encourage others to join them.

That’s the investment that counts—the investment in people that keeps our company growing.

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