Aly Glavin | The Daraly

Aly Glavin | The Daraly

Aly is co-owner of The Daraly, a Charlotte-based online kitchen and bath design service that allows consumers with any project size and any budget to afford design, on their own time. Aly is a licensed general contractor in North Carolina, and she is a member of the 2019 30 under 30 class for the NKBA.

Aly has been in the industry for 5 years. All jobs thus far have been with cabinetry and construction. She loves designing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, but also likes to stay with the project and help manage the final outcome.

Good design for Aly is taking the customers’ requests and pushing their concept as far as they allow. Most homeowners want to play it safe, but Aly feels the purpose of hiring a professional designer is to be a little bold and push the boundaries of what the homeowner is comfortable with. She believes balance is key, both aesthetically - aligning center lines, but also balancing function with a good design that will stand out.

Aly loves kitchen design because the kitchen is a necessity, but also, it is usually the center of the home, so it should stand out. So many homeowners make their design statements in the living room and leave the kitchen alone, but yet they would be the first to say that when they entertain, most of their guests crowd in and around the kitchen. It should be inviting and match your clients’ personality just as much as any other room!

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