Brandi Danielson | Great Lakes Countertops & Kitchens

Brandi Danielson | Great Lakes Countertops & Kitchens

Brandi is an owner and designer at Great Lakes Countertops & Kitchens in Lake Park, IA. Her team designs and sells everything interior, except for appliances. In addition, the team sells windows and patio doors, and operates a countertop fabrication shop, attached to the showroom.

Brandi and Husband Chris have owned Great Lakes Countertops & Kitchens for 13 years.

Good design for Brandi is a combination of function, beauty, creativity, and personality. First and foremost, it is very important to have function in the given space. Beauty can be in the eye of the beholder, but Brandi and the team can offer clients guidance as to what is complementary. Due to client wants and space constraints, Brandi must be creative in thinking of “out of the box“ ways to accomplish the goals. Lastly, clients all have a unique personality, so it is fun to find ways to incorporate that into the design.

No two kitchens are alike! Just like no two clients are alike! The design is always a fresh canvas (maybe with a few obstacles to overcome) and it is fun to see the design evolve when trying different things. As a designer, Brandi feels lucky to be able to see a space in a different way than it currently is and to watch the progress from paper to reality!

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