Judy Noland | The CabinetTree

Please tell us about yourself and your business. How long have you been in the industry?
Judy started her career in the design profession 30 years ago. Her introduction to the field came from her father who owned a kitchen and bath business. After studying interior design at the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, Judy spent a few years in home furnishings, but then decided to specialize in kitchen and baths. She worked as a designer at The CabinetTree along with her brother and, eventually, they purchased the business. Shortly after that, her husband joined the team…a real family enterprise.

What makes for good design in your opinion?
Good kitchen design follows basic principles with creative twists. Attention to detail is critical as it affects both function and aesthetics. The challenge is creating a space that looks like it belongs in the home and enhances it based on the clients’ preferences.

What do you love about kitchen design?
The kitchen is where everything happens! It is a privilege and a responsibility to design this most important room and make it extra special. Every client and project is unique which is what makes this business interesting and fun!

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