Contemporary Bath | First Place

Entry: "60s Ranch Ensuite Bath Remodel"

Designer: Tracey Stephens

Dealership: Tracey Stephens Interior Design

Door Style: International+ Milan

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Billowy Breeze

Sheen: Satin


The 40-square-foot en-suite bath in this 1960s ranch was tired, dated, poorly-organized, and cramped. The designer’s mandate was to create a highly-functional, bright, spacious, colorful bathroom within the existing footprint.

The biggest challenge was incorporating the clients' full wish list within the existing footprint in this very small bathroom.

All of the elements in the final design fit together like a puzzle, providing improved functionality, storage, and high style. This project balanced the clients’ need for storage with the limited size of the space.

The small vanity needed to pack in a lot of storage and counter space:

  • a wall-mounted faucet allows for a reasonably-sized sink and maximum counter space
  • raised on narrow legs to allow for a scale and the cat's water bowl to be stored underneath
  • 3 drawers for grooming supplies
  • a storage bin for hot grooming tools on the vanity door makes use of an otherwise unutilized space

The medicine cabinet is the perfect size and proportion for the vanity, and maximizes storage in the available space. Due to the width, there is no space for vertical sconces on either side of the cabinet, so the integrated LED light strips play a key role in the design.

A recessed shower niche holds grooming supplies.

The full-height tiled shower wall that had contributed to the claustrophobic feeling was replaced with a half wall topped with glass to allow light into the shower and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. The shower was widened from 32” to 35” to the inside of the half wall.

All elements were selected to enhance the modern tailored and streamlined look: Slab front vanity door and drawer, medicine cabinet with integrated lighting, unornamented minimal faucets and plumbing, frameless glass shower door, simple knobs on the vanity and shower door, and screw-less wall plates for electrical devices.

The clients now have a clean, bright, organized, healthy space to start and end their day. They love the WOW of the turquoise color. The clients are active athletes, so their showering experience is vastly improved, as the body sprays (which are adjustable and positioned according to their two heights) relax their tired muscles. They feel calmer knowing their things are organized and have designated storage space. They told the designer they now step into their bathroom and smile.

The strong pop of blue color! The clients and designer were quite passionate about using vibrant color in this project, and the clients' vision was turquoise and gold. The turquoise recycled content glass tile was the starting, and now obvious, focal point. The bold-colored tile on the back wall of the shower seems to recede, making the room seem larger. All other color decisions served to keep focus on the glass tile, so the vanity is a more muted blue (Billowy Breeze -- a Showplace standard color that is perfect!) and the painted walls are an even more subtle blue. The contrasting white wall tile allows the color to be in the spotlight. The large format porcelain floor tile is a neutral color that fades away, but is not white which is impractical to keep clean in a bathroom. The warm brushed bronze finish is a beautiful complement to the blues and whites. The countertop is white with sparkly chips of reflective material embedded in it.

Both clients have awesome colorful full-body tattoos. They are creative, fun, decisive and trusted the design team.


This is a beautiful little bathroom! Great job! Even a place for the cat bowls!

You've gone into great detail to deliver the bathroom your client needed. Your detailed explanation was so helpful to understand this space. Great job!

The turquoise wall and Billowy Breeze cabinetry play nicely together. It's a very fun bathroom!

Great use of lighted mirrors, extra cabinetry accessories, and legs on the vanity, you packed a lot of function into this space!

Accent tile wall = 100%

Creative use of a small space with unique details.

Very nice.

Small but mighty.

Clean and crisp, makes a small space feel larger.

Great use of color and space planning.

Colors are amazing!

That is an amazing amount of function and storage in a tiny space.

Very open and bright for a typical New England bathroom. Great job opening a small space up.

I love the full wall accent tile.

Like the colors and textures here a lot. The light colored floor is a perfect base to work from to lighten up this space. The clear glass shower doors and light and bright colored shower tile all work and really like the vanity color chosen to embellish the turquoise look.

Good use of space and material choices. Light and refreshing.

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