Contemporary Kitchen | Honorable Mention

Entry: "Modern Beauty"

Designer: Tera Kane

Dealership: Stewart Remodel Design Build

Door Style: ShowplaceEVO Milan

Species: Maple

Finish: Flagstone

Sheen: Satin


The homeowners wanted to open up the public space of their home, enlarge their kitchen, and create a space conducive to entertaining and multiple cooks so they could prepare meals as a family. They also wanted to modernize their 1970's home and enjoyed a clean, minimalistic style with a little flair.

The home had a large, two-sided fireplace in the middle of the main area that connected to the fireplace in the basement and ran through the roof into a very large, wide 'chimney'. The roof had a rare metal tile that was difficult to replace. The design team needed to remove almost 3' of the fireplace wall to make the floor plan work which meant removing the chimney through the attic and above the roof for structural reasons. Part of the space also had a sunk-in living room with one side of the fireplace open to that room.

The design team removed all of the walls in that section of the house, opened up the wall to the entrance, removed the necessary portion of the fireplace and chimney to the very top, and raised the floor in the sunk-in area creating an open space with a brick fireplace feature at the center. The team moved the kitchen from its original location to create an open and inviting space to entertain while increasing site lines to the majority of the space.

The homeowners loved the openness of the space and the consistency of the floor levels. They also felt the clean lines of the cabinetry and all of the features in the cabinets will help them be more efficient. The countertops and the unique butcher block feature at the end of the island gave them a space to all gather as well as something unique to their home.

The design team loves the island. The mix of quartz and butcher block is stunning and the open shelves on the corner are a special feature. They loved working with the homeowners and were excited about their style - the design team personally loves simple and modern.

The design team and homeowners were comfortable with each other from the start. Their design styles are very similar so they were able to understand immediately what they were looking for. The team decided on Showplace because the EVO line fit their style and price point perfectly. The selection of finishes was a great selling point as well.

They were so relaxed and trusted the design team completely. Even when they ran into something unexpected they were understanding and quick to make decisions so the team could keep working. They were fantastic communicators.


The island is very creative, full of interesting details. Nice job!

I do think the cabinetry color, counter, and backsplash all look wonderful together.

Great work flow, plenty of counter space, nice job!

Really nice, modern kitchen with great little details. Especially love the floating shelves on the island in a contrasting finish and the open bookshelf on the pantry cabinet facing out. Nice details with the lighting and finishes to be warm and modern.

Nice presentation.

Nice mix of materials.

Very functional layout!

The homeowners desired an open space which this definitely creates. I like the design elements.

There is good space left and right of the cooktop and sink with adequate landing zones for fridge and ovens.

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