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Entry: "Fresh Perspective (laundry/mud)"

Designer: Andrea Johnson

Dealership: Complete Kitchen + Bath

Door Style: ShowplaceEVO Sterling

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: White

Sheen: Matte

Before ...


This room was part of a larger remodel for the home. The existing laundry room was being taken over for the kitchen. It was being relocated into an old workshop space off the garage. The new space was going to be multi -functional. It was to include a laundry space, mud bench, and be home base for the family pup.

The design team had the luxury of completely reframing the space for full control of the room. This included relocating the interior wall as well as relocating the entry door. This space had a lot to include and every detail had to be perfectly planned to make it the most efficient space.

In the end, with the ease of ShowplaceEVO cabinetry, the design team was able to create a home for the dog crate with plenty of storage above, built in washer/dryer with hanging space above, and then the mud bench and cubbies for each family member with a custom depth broom closet for all those cleaning supplies and needs. On the back wall, the design team created a custom surround for the massively large electrical panels for this home. Creating a clean and completely efficient space.

The homeowners loved that no detail was spared. The glass X mullions allow some space to dress it up without being too fancy and continues a detail that is in other parts of the home. The custom-painted trim to match the cabinetry continues throughout the home. The penny tile is a nod to the traditional side of the home and hints to its old roots. The quartz countertops give an ease to cleanliness and simple design.

The design team's favorite part of this design is the custom panels that Showplace made to separate each section of the mud bench. That bench was tricky and had a lot of parts, but with Showplace's help, it came together beautifully. The team also loves the dog crate area. They have never designed a dog crate into a space and thought it turned out pretty cool.

As mentioned earlier, this room was part of a much larger project. The other rooms were designed using inset cabinetry, but with budget in mind and needing every inch of possible storage, the EVO line was a no brainer to use in this space. The design team able to use the same door style and finish to make this room a seamless addition to the home.

This homeowners had done their research and came ready with lots of inspirational photos. All the team had to do was pull it all together. The homeowners have amazing taste and like everything to be crisp, clean, classic, and in its place. The design team was honored to have been a part of this project.


What a fun space for all these functional tasks that need a home! Nicely done!

Using the EVO line of cabinetry in this room was a great way of helping the budget.

I love the charm of the X's that you brought into the mud room, and the custom Showplace curved panels!

This space is packed with function, it's well done, and flows well. Each space has enough space to get their job done.

Love the ship lap back of the lockers. Beautiful design.

I'm impressed with the creativity of the designer to be able to serve so many functions in the same room. Part pet room, mudroom, laundry, and landing zone for the family. Looks like everything has a spot and it is beautifully designed.

Again, creative use of space here to fit in all of the requirements without sacrificing the look of the space. And I love that the X detail on the cabinet doors was carried throughout the rest of the home.

The photography and staging really highlights the multi-functional aspects of this space. The white cabinetry and light floors make the room feel light and bright, but you can tell a family can utilize the great function of this space as well.

Love the hanging space above the washer, very functional ... and the sink for clean-up is small but functional as well. Lots of counterspace and lockers for the family. Great job

I'm really wowed by the thoughtful details of this space. Love the X design used above the lockers and the integration of the dog crate area into the footprint. Love it!

Very creative solutions for the dog crates and hiding the electrical panels.

The choices of finishes and details are beautiful.

Looks very functional overall.

Sleek details, good flow, and makes for a great space as a laundry/mudroom. Folding stations and hanging rods as needed along with a sleek place to keep coats and such.

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