Traditional Kitchen | Honorable Mention

Entry: "Braley Inset Kitchen"

Designer: Louise Robie

Dealership: Norfolk Kitchen & Bath

Door Style: Pendleton Inset

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Teal Stencil

Sheen: Satin


The homeowner of this kitchen came to Norfolk Kitchen & Bath with one goal in mind, to create a brand-new kitchen around an antique (and uniquely shaped!) cast iron sink. The homeowner had a passion for antique items and had collected many over the years, all of which have historical and sentimental meaning to her own life, and they wanted to be able to incorporate these pieces in their new kitchen design.

They really wanted a white kitchen for their new home that was being built. The design team suggested adding a rustic alder hood and sink base, to highlight the homeowners' unique sink. The homeowner agreed enthusiastically, mentioning how well that will tie in with her island (something she purchased years ago). After learning more about their design preferences and unique tastes, the team suggested Teal Stencil paint instead of a white. While the homeowners weren't very receptive at first, they eventually agreed to try it and ended up LOVING it in their new kitchen.

The biggest design challenge was to accommodate the homeowners' antique, large porcelain, cast iron sink with backsplash and side drainboards that they found at a consignment shop, along with designing the sink base to have functional drawers. Then, on the day the kitchen was ordered, the homeowners came in with a new and better sink they found, which required some quick thinking and design modifications to accommodate. It was also a slight design challenge to incorporate the base corner return storage into the design.

It proved challenging to convince the homeowner's to take a chance and try Teal Stencil paint, instead of a white paint, which the team knew would fit really well in their home with their style and taste preferences.

A Rustic Alder accent cabinet was strategically placed to highlight the homeowners' antique sink. Showplace was able to make the sink base according to unique specs, and they were also able to make a sink base with functional drawers on the bottom. Small glass cabinets were placed around the top perimeter of the kitchen to house the homeowners' curio collection, turning this beautiful and functional kitchen design into an artistic showpiece that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

The unique Teal Stencil paint offering from Showplace, paired with the Rustic Alder wood species option, is what really made the homeowners' dream kitchen a reality.

The risk paid off and the homeowners ended up falling in love with the Teal Stencil paint. There is nothing they would change about the design. They have raved to friends and family on social media about how great everything turned out.

The design team's favorite part of this design was figuring out the sink base design around the unique sink, as well as problem-solving the base corner return storage.

The homeowners were familiar with Showplace Cabinetry after reading about them online. They appreciated the many door and finish options that were available, along with the fact that Showplace was an employee-owned, American-made company. Showplace Cabinetry ended up being a great fit for their unique style and finish choices, and Norfolk Kitchen & Bath was a convenient and close partner. Combined with the team's expert design services and other value-added services, choosing Showplace & Norfolk was practically a no brainer.

The husband installed the cabinets himself and did a phenomenal job. He prepped the soffit perfectly and was very pleasant to talk through the install. Whenever he needed a better understanding, he called and talked it through. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience from start to finish.


Working around homeowners' existing items can bring a challenge. The island does look like it was built for this space. I enjoy the open shelves in the corner, it was a great solution, and fits the style of this home well.

I'm glad you convinced these homeowners to go with the bold choice of Teal Stencil too! It works perfectly in this space with all of their antiques, and the Rustic Alder.

Nice flow, and functioning kitchen.

Nice workflow and large prep island.

I really love the color of these cabinets! What a fun, bold choice. It looks sophisticated when paired with the warm wood tones. Nice details in the space!

Great job incorporating the sink and island.

Love the color!

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