Traditional Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "Blue Bayou"

Designer: Andrea Johnson

Dealership: Complete Kitchen + Bath

Door Style: International+ Edgewater

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Heron Plume

Sheen: Satin

Accent Species: Rustic Alder

Accent Finish: Peppercorn

Before ...


As recent empty nesters, the homeowners wanted to tackle their kitchen and update it by increasing the overall size. The plan was to move the original range wall back 4 feet into their huge living room. They also wanted more pantry storage. They have a large family that is growing with new wives and grandbabies on the way. This new kitchen would serve as the holiday/event hub for all future gettogethers to make new memories.

The homeowners built their home almost 30 years ago so the existing kitchen held a lot of memories and was very comfortable to them. The new larger space gave more room to fit the tall order of things they wanted to add. They also wanted lots of seating and larger walkways. The design team wanted to keep with the traditional feel of the home and make the new kitchen fresh but keep it classic, cozy, and comfortable. Another challenge was the hood. Originally, the design team went with a more classic mantle hood in the Heron Plume paint finish. However, after the team started the installation, the homeowner had a change of mind.

In the final design, the team took part of an unused hallway to create a new pantry space. Using Showplace's walk-in pantry was an easy solution for the entry into it next to the panel-ready fridge. Another challenge was the angled return wall to the right of the fridge. To keep the clean look, the team used the same walk-in pantry cabinet for the front face to balance each side of the fridge while the installer created custom angled shelves inside to maximize storage. In regards to the hood change during installation, the team decided to go with the artisan chimney range hood, but this time in the Peppercorn finish to match the island and beverage station. In the end, all agreed this helped tie the whole kitchen together for a rich finish.

From the homeowner, "I love, love, love, my new kitchen! So glad I did it and the idea for the pantry worked great! I love that I have a lot of custom touches that I came up with along with my husband and contractor."

The design team loves the entire fridge wall with the pantries and being able to balance the tall Heron Plume painted cabinets with the variable height Peppercorn beverage station. The homeowner wanted blue in the space and by doing that with the paint and that splash of blue in the backsplash tile just gives the whole space that unique personality.

The homeowners were referred by a previous customer. The team chose Showplace Cabinetry because it was the best possible solution for all of their asks, wants, and needs. Plus, Showplace has the best quality construction and finish options from the product lines offered.

The homeowner is a 2nd generation business owner and is very family oriented while the design team works for a company that is family owned as well. The team shared a lot of the same beliefs inside the office and outside. While there were some challenges and changes along the way, the team addressed all of them head first and you can see from the photos that it was all worth it. Every story has a start and a finish line, but it's the road in between that teaches us the most.


What a transformation! Thank you for all the photos, including the before photos! Very creative with the walk-in pantry location, it fits right in and looks like it belongs there.

I appreciate the balance of all your cabinetry spaces. Well thought out. The way you treated the walk-in pantry and other pantry at the floor is spot on. Great design details in this space!

This is a beautiful space that photographed well. You did a nice job bringing all of the colors and finishes together.

This space is paced with function and the flow works well. I'm sure their family will enjoy it for years.

LOVE the backsplash! Nice job using the height for extra storage. Beautiful job on this project!

Nice details in this kitchen. Love the pass through pantry and the bold backsplash tile.

Great idea with the pantry doors around the refrigerator.

Very pretty! The colors are great!

Nice job bringing in a color palette that works with everything!

Utilized the space well. Nice install as well.

Nice job putting together a modern, traditional look. The pieces all go well together and nothing is competing with anything else. It all works together nicely!

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