Transitional Bath | Second Place

Entry: "Park Hills Bath"

Designer: Abby Maile

Dealership: Maile, Tekulve & Gray

Door Style: International+ Pierce

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Naval

Sheen: Matte


The homeowners had just purchased the house and the upstairs bathroom needed to be remodeled for their two teenage boys. Although it was a large bathroom, the shower was crammed into a corner and the tub/tub deck took up too much space in the room. The existing vanity only had 12" deep drawers so function and storage space were big issues.

While the bathroom is very large, the sloped ceiling limited the amount of usable space. The design team wanted to expand the shower and the vanity as much as possible without making the space feel too small.

The design team removed an attic access from the shower wall to the bedroom so they were able to maximize the shower space. They also decided to go with a freestanding tub, which made the room look and feel much larger. They removed a small linen closet that used to be between the vanity and the shower, which opened up more space for cabinetry and more efficient storage.

The homeowners loved how much bigger the space felt. They also loved that they we were able to mix the boys' style with their own. They almost didn't add a tub because they didn't think the boys would use it, but they said it was the best decision adding it. Not only does it look good in the space, but the boys use it frequently.

The design team loves how the mix of colors, patterns, and texture worked in the space.

The homeowners are definitely one of the most enjoyable and easiest clients to work with. They don't overthink it, and they have fun throughout the entire design process.


The recessed area behind the vanity with exposed brick is so fun!

I love the colors and patterns that were chosen. They are soft, subtle, and work so well together, yet masculine for their teenage boys - with some fun mixed in. Beautiful photos.

This is a beautiful space. The room needed a tub under those windows!

Blue shiplap was a nice touch to coordinate with the cabinet color.

Creative use of space.

Love the detail of matching the painted blue element on the walls and the vanity.

The floor tile and navy cabinets are visually appealing and add some fun.

Nice use of space getting the shower, tub, and vanity in a tight space.

Love the navy blue cabinets and how it ties in with the blue painted shiplap around the tub. This small bathroom does feel quite spacious with the creative solutions of moving the shower into the extra attic space. I also like the details of the herringbone tile on the floor which makes it feel more fun than standard tile.

Funky space, funky design.

Very creative solutions with the angles.


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