Transitional Kitchen | Second Place

Entry: "NE Portland Revamped Rancher"

Designer: Maria Petterson

Dealership: KB Cabinets

Door Style: ShowplaceEVO Pendleton

Species: Paint Grade

Finish: Heron Plume

Accent Finish: Hale Navy

Sheen: Satin

Pantry Door Style: International+ Pendleton

Pantry Species: Paint Grade

Pantry Finish: Heron Plume

Pantry Sheen: Satin


Feeling that they (and guests) were on top of their kitchen the moment they walked in the door, they wanted to have a different feeling when they walked in their front door. They wanted a sense of calm and relaxation, but without isolating the kitchen entirely from the rest of the action of the house.

Too narrow of a space to get an island in, they still wanted their boys to be able to perch close by to eat/work/hangout. Moreover, the parents wanted their own spaces to cook/make lunches at the same time on different countertops. With a fireplace and stairs to contend with, the design team clearly had to use the space thoughtfully.

The design team swapped the homeowners' kitchen and dining room to make entering the home a more relaxing, calming experience.

There was just no prep space in their previous kitchen! Now, there is a long run for range cooking, and a separate space for their boys' projects, lunch making, etc.

The team loves and so appreciates that the homeowners trusted the team to bookend their blue and white kitchen with an all white pantry in Heron Plume on one end, and a dramatic wet bar in Hale Navy on the other.

The design team was so excited to connect with these friends of family for this project. Once they saw the team's Heron Plume and Hale Navy display in the showroom, there was no question it'd be a Showplace kitchen!

This family is so fun and full of love and an absolute pleasure to work with! They were decisive and had a definite taste, while still being open to suggestions. The team hopes to work with them again in the future!


I appreciate the way you flipped the kitchen and dining areas and incorporated a pantry into the space.

The tile wall in the dining room is a fun pop to this already fun space!

This new space flows so well, it's now a great, open, and functional space for this family's needs.

Great job on the tile selection at the bar area. WOW.

Great details in this kitchen! Especially love the tile in the bar backsplash. The white upper cabinets brighten up the space. Nice details and some unexpected elements with the tile here that bring this one to life.

Colors are spot on. For a coastal design, the shiplap ceiling is perfect. Love the coral backsplash as an accent on the bar area. Great design, color, and texture!

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