Large Kitchen Design | First Place

Entry: "Coggins Project"

Designer: Julie Piesz

Dealership: Julie Piesz Interiors, Inc

  • Perimeter: Concord 275 door | Paint Grade | Pure White Paint
  • Accents: Inset Concord door | Maple | Brushed Vintage Cashew stain with Walnut accents
The rest of the story ...

There were several key elements that the homeowner wished to achieve with the new layout. First and foremost, they wanted a better sight line from the front entry of the home into the kitchen. By removing and reorienting the coffee bar from a pass-through area between the kitchen and dining, to a one that was accessible from only the kitchen, it allowed me to open up the doorway into the kitchen and also increase the visibility into the foyer and dining areas from the kitchen.

The secondary objective was to include a large island with seating for 4. They already had a nice dining area adjacent for larger gatherings, but for day to day meals, they wanted to sit at the island with a seating arrangement that would allow them to gather and converse more intimately. We were able to achieve this by placing the seating at the corner of the island, which not only kept the chairs out of the traffic pattern of appliances but it also allowed for conversation at the island as well as shared conversation with spillover into the dining area since it was not more open and visible.

Some other requests were to included space for a double oven, coffee bar and beverage refrigerator. Aesthetically, they wanted a lighter, brighter kitchen with a timeless look.

Comments from our judges ...

Beautiful job! Every element was thought through in this design. Sight lines, function, and even trim details were selected with obvious skill. Beautiful kitchen.

I love the way the light wood was incorporated into the design. Very subtle but a huge impact.

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