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Entry: "Basement Pub"

Designer: Angelia Joy

Dealership: The Washington Kitchen Gallery

  • Inset Edgewater SP 275 door
  • Rustic Alder
  • Tawny finish
The rest of the story ...

The clients had one finished room in their basement. They wanted to finish the entire basement and make the space their own. In order to do that, the design team needed to remodel the existing room and add a large bar. The team then added a bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, gym, and storage space to the unfinished areas of the basement.

The clients have a large extended family and a lot of friends. They wanted a comfortable entertaining space for kids and adults to gather together. The goal was for the basement is to be a huge entertainment area with screens for sports, plenty of bar seating, space for future bistro tables, and an area for the family to watch TV together.

The design team needed a home for the husband's 12’ shuffleboard and the clients requested space for several TVs. A door from the basement leads to the backyard, so the team chose flooring that would withstand lots of traffic with busy kids and dogs! All of the support columns had to stay. Plenty of refrigerator space was requested, plus the addition of a microwave, dishwasher, and sink. The drain water from the sink had to be pumped up to drain out as the basement has a concrete floor that the homeowners wanted to leave untouched. The design team ultimately placed the sink such that would best accommodate the pluming.

The design team used large under-counter refrigerators to keep wall space open. Since the bar was quite long, the team used some large-scale items to offset the overall size, including large 9-inch wide “fillers” to make shiplap on the back of the bar. The team added a 2 ½” miter fold (corner embellishment) on the shorter bar, and a 3” miter fold on the higher bar.

The team worked one of the support beams into the corner of the bar. Not only does it disguise one of the columns, but it also grounds the bar.

Comments from our judges ...

Great use of the space, along with the materials and finishes.

Like the lighting under the countertops.

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