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Entry: "Dark & Moody Bar"

Designer: April Haggard

Dealership: Haggard Home Cabinetry & Design

The rest of the story ...

The clients were adding on to a log cabin to make this their home, so they wanted a big space for entertaining and the bar was the perfect thing to add next to the kitchen.

The challenge was fitting in all of the elements of the new design into an old log cabin so it didn't look like a vacation rental, but a perfect home for our clients.

We fit a lot of design and functionality into this little bar wall and it has tons of character. Just like our clients! She is from South Africa so everything has to be unique and a little funky. We added some wire mesh to the Wall cabinets instead of glass so that it gave them another layer of texture. The hardware was all handmade in South Africa and a little rustic and a little funky, just like our clients.

The extra space and "wow factor" the bar gave to this blank wall in between their kitchen, living and master was a definite plus to the homeowner.

I love the dark color on the cabinets and the touch of the wire mesh. It's a little unexpected and fun!

Comments from our judges ...

Great door inserts!

Love the stark contrast of the cabinetry with the flooring and paint colors. Hard to believe this is a log cabin!

I like the wired mesh in the upper cabinets.

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