Other Rooms | Second Place

Entry: "Rustic Retreat"

Designer: Jenelle Hicks

Dealership: Maile Tekulve & Gray

The rest of the story ...

The homeowners entertain frequently, as well as make their own wine. They wanted a space where they could do both of those things while feeling that they were in a resort lounge/bar and not in basement.

One of the challenges of this space was the location and presence of the kitchenette in the overall space. We wanted it tucked away so that it functions as a working kitchen with close proximity to the bar without it being a huge focal point. We didn't want to hide it either.

We used the same cabinet style/color in the kitchenette and painted the doors to be the same color as the bar cabinets. The continuity was just enough to draw your eye towards the kitchen but doesn't command the attention that the brick and stone do at the bar.

The homeowners loved everything about it! For weeks after we were finished she would send text messages saying she felt like she was in a resort and not in her basement. That was the goal!

My favorite part of this project is the numerous textures we used and how beautifully they came together!

Comments from our judges ...

Love all the architectural details.

Love this bar!

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