Small Kitchen Design | First Place

Entry: "Southside Sleek Kitchen Remodel"

Designer: Annette Jones-Coleman

Dealership: NeedCo, Inc.

  • Showplace EVO Vienna
  • Wired Mercury
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The homeowners wanted to update their existing cabinets to a more sleek and industrial look, hide countertop appliances and to provide better access to the refrigerator. This home is a condo, so moving appliances was out of the picture. We had to work within the parameters of the existing plumbing and electrical connections, as well as, condo rules.

By increasing the size of the island, we were able to place the paneled drawer dishwasher and an under counter wine fridge there. We designed an appliance cabinet to house the coffee maker above the microwave base. This cleared the countertop of appliances and created symmetry at the cooking wall. We designed a doggie bowl cabinet at the island to remove them from the floor.

The homeowners loved the overall sleek look and increased functionality of the kitchen. Not only did the homeowners love it, the kitchen was the selling factor when selling their condo to new owners. The new owners have now looked at doing other projects throughout the home.

Being able to add storage space, doggie bowls, and hide some appliances in the island without compromising design was my favorite aspect of this project.

Comments from our judges ...

I like the hidden doggie bowl area.

I love how the appliances blend in with the cabinet color. Makes the space feel more uniform.

The island fills the space nicely without feeling too big.

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