Small Kitchen Design | Honorable Mention

Entry: "Trendy Two-Tone"

Designer: Naomi Ruth

Dealership: The Cabinet Store

The rest of the story ...

The homeowner had updated the rest of the home and this was the last space needing attention - the hub of the home. Painted cabinets with exposed hinges and laminate countertops were desperate for a refresh!

This space was a challenge with an angled wall and soffits that needed to remain. We also had to stay in the existing footprint of the flooring.

We straightened out the angle with a custom cut on the cabinets and maximized the storage without having to turn the corner. We brought the soffit out over the refrigerator and pantry to add storage while keeping the look consistent.

The kitchen space now matched the rest of the home and was bright and cheerful, was easy to clean surfaces, and had way more storage!

I absolutely love the backsplash and countertop pattern together with the two-tone cabinetry colors. This project is just stunning.

Comments from our judges ...

Cabinets fit well within the soffit space.

The countertop ties the cabinet colors together very well.

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