Small Kitchen Design | Second Place

Entry: "Novara Dream Kitchen"

Designer: Julie Leverett

Dealership: ONE eleven ltd.

The rest of the story ...

Dating back to 1990, the era of soffits and segregated rooms, this space was worthy of a complete transformation. With an open concept and entertaining at the forefront of our clients wish list it was clear that this kitchen would need to expand as far as possible within the existing footprint and that meant taking down all intruding, non-load bearing walls and re-route plumbing and electrical to accommodate the new design.

The scope of the project was to remove all non-load bearing walls so we could modernize the kitchen with an open floor plan, uninterrupted expansive Island, and intentional flow which elicits entertaining yet provides opportune family function.

The challenge in the kitchen was rerouting all of the electrical and plumbing that was stationed in the existing walls that were removed to accommodate the uninterrupted 14 foot island in our new design.

We cut and remove concrete to accommodate conduits and underground plumbing providing the power and water to the stand alone island fulfilling the goal of an open floor-plan showcasing a clean uninterrupted 14' grandiose island with duel waterfall edges. This stunning feature not only captivates you upon entrance but is ideal for entertaining as well as everyday family life.

The clients love the fact that their newly remodeled kitchen elicits to feel of family and can now be used as intended. It is truly "The Heart of the Home."

The Showplace Novara Cabinets topped off this design; the simple profile painted in bright white adds just the right amount of elegance and crispness to this Kitchen.

Comments from our judges ...

I like how you were able to make the soffit work with the design.

Love the huge island with the waterfall ends.

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